Thursday, May 23, 2013

Whitepaper Blackberry Z10 Research Primer - "Dissecting Blackberry 10 - An initial analysis"

In 2013, Blackberry has presented a brand new operating system which significantly differs from others presented on the smartphone market. A very high security level is announced, and the expectations are corresponding. Some analytics consider this as the last chance for Blackberry "to get back in the big game" and stand in the row with such giants as iOS and Android.
The goal of this whitepaper is to show an approach for testing the new Blackberry 10 operating system and to identify vulnerabilities on a new Blackberry 10 device.

A set of methods and tools has been developed. In the paper we will:
  •   Discuss specifics of the operating system
  •   Check for vulnerabilities "by design"
  •   Talk about fuzzers
  •   Test default utilities
  •   Dump the "boot sector"
  •   Mention other interesting entry points / notices
  •   Propose further steps for future research

The whitepaper can be downloaded from here: