Friday, July 29, 2016

HTL Wiener Neustadt wins World Championship of Robotics

Deutsche Zusammenfassung unten.

Team und Betreuter der HTL Wiener Neustadt bei der Robotik-Weltmeisterschaft in Florida 
v.l.n.r. stehend DI Harald Haberstroh, Nico Kratky, Christine Zeh, Christoph Heiss, Nico Leidenfrost, Florian Ungersböck, Sebastian Schaffler, Sascha Zemann, Raphael Weinfurter, Markus Pinter
v.l.n.r. hockend: Daniel Honies, Christoph Käferle, Daniel Swoboda, Philip Trauner, Dr. Michael Stifter
HTL Wiener Neustadt Winner Team (c) HTL Wiener Neustadt

Wiener Neustadt/Saint Augustine (USA) – For several years now, students of HTL WienerNeustadt have participated at Botball, an international robotic tournament. After some already good rankings in the past, this time they won the prize.

Botball aims to inspire kids and young people for science, technology and engineering. This year’s championship took place from 6 to 10 July in Saint Augustine, Florida, organized by the Global Conference on Educational Robotics (GCER).

For HTL Wiener Neustadt, the teams “items” and “Robot0nFire” met the challenge. With great success: Team “items” reached the score of 100 percent and won everything possible. For the very first time, a non-US-team could take it all. Furthermore, the team scored first place in the categories “Seedings” and “Double Elimination”. “Robot0nFire” reached fourth place in the overall ranking. The Austrian students competed against 250 other participants from seven nations.

SEC Consult supports HTL Wiener Neustadt in several ways. We offer internships for students, provide knowledge and even financial support for the trip to Florida.

Enthusing young people for science and technology is quite important. Especially regarding IoT, there will be great job opportunities in the fields of robotics and networking. For maintaining economic success and succeeding in international competition, it’s crucial to have the best educated workforce.

We are already looking forward to Botball 2017 to win again.


HTL Wiener Neustadt gewinnt Robotic-WM!

Zwei Teams der HTL Wiener Neustadt waren bei der diesjährigen Robotic-WM „Botball“ in Florida mit dabei und erzielten grandiose Erfolge. Team „items“ erreichte einen Dokumentationsscore von 100 Prozent, sicherte sich den Gesamtsieg und schrieb damit Geschichte: Zum ersten Mal holte ein Nicht-US-Team den Sieg bei „Botball“. Team „Robot0nfire“ belegte den herausragenden 4. Platz in der Gesamtwertung. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Winner Hacks it All

SEC Consult Part of the AppSEC EU University Challenge '16 Winning-Team

German summary below.

Even though the Austrian football team didn't get far at the UEFA Euro 2016, at least the TU Wien team (Technical University Vienna) got our backs at the AppSEC University Challenge '16. Five top-universities challenged their hacking-skills during the European security-event AppSEC 2016 in Rome (27.6.-1.7.). With incredible 300 points it was TU Wien who was able to claim victory. SEC Consult supported the team financially and with energetic manpower: Former intern, experienced competitor and now SEC Consult employee Thomas Weber led the team to their early point-lead.

Weber was one of the guys who worked on the jeopardy tasks on the first and second day of the competition, while others focused on the attack and defense part. The team was able to rank fist with 124 points by solving many technical riddles, followed by second and third place Switzerland (118) and Germany (106). By the end of the second day – and after a long race of attack-defence play, fixing vulnerabilities and trying to find unsecured spots in the opponents systems – TU Wien won

with incredible 300 points."

SEC Consult congratulates the winning-team as well as colleague Thomas Weber to the victory and wishes best of luck for the next AppSEC University Challenge '17 in Belfast. For detailed insights into the challenge and its tasks please visit catalysts blog, where TU Wien member Daniel Marth shares his experience. 


SEC Consult Teil des Gewinner-Teams der AppSEC EU University Challenge '16

Auch wenn Österreich bei der Fußball-EM 2016 nicht weit gekommen ist, hat uns zumindest das Team der TU Wien (Technische Universität Wien) bei der AppSEC University Challenge '16 nicht hängen gelassen. Fünf Top-Universitäten stellten ihre Hacking-Skills während der europäischen Sicherheitskonferenz AppSEC 2016 in Rom (27.6.-1.7.) unter Beweis. Mit unglaublichen 300 Punkten konnte das Team der TU Wien schließlich den Sieg heimtragen. SEC Consult sponserte nicht nur die Mannschaft, sondern unterstütze diese auch tatkräftig mit Manpower: Ehemaliger Praktikant, erfahrener Wettbewerbsteilnehmer und nun SEC Consult Mitarbeiter Thomas Weber führte das Team zu einem frühen Punkte-Lead.